Shona McCreath is our Advanced Laser therapist here at Central Dermatology Clinic. She has worked with leading clinics as a laser therapist since completing her Diploma of beauty therapy in 2018. Shona has a strong passion for all things skin and laser and strives to provide the best individualised treatment for each patient. She finds joy in performing tailored treatments that increase confidence and happiness. Shona holds all of the relevant laser licenses to perform all cosmetic laser procedures to the highest standard, and takes pride in the time and effort she puts into the treatments for her patients. Cosmetic consultations can be offered with Shona where she can assess your skin and give you a treatment plan with recommendations and procedures that is best suited to you.

Taylor Spate is part of the nursing team at Central Dermatology Clinic. She studied nursing overseas in Canada and has been living on the Sunshine Coast since 2021. She has worked alongside industry leading cosmetic dermatologists in Canada who specialise in cosmetic procedures including injectables. This experience and ongoing training and education have allowed Taylor to learn and perfect her skills and to practice to a high standard and as safely as possible. Taylor’s passion lies in dermatology nursing and cosmetic treatments. She is a passionate and dedicated consultant, with her high-level patient care and interest in the cosmetic field. She prides herself for having a keen eye for detail and strives to enhance each client’s beauty, leaving them looking fresh, rested, and natural. Both men and women benefit from injectable medicine to help them achieve a balanced appearance and boost their confidence. Taylor keeps updated with continuous training and advancements in injectable medicine and has great mentors at Central Dermatology Clinic. Taylor is happy to offer consultations to discuss desired outcomes and answer any questions you may have.

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