Hair Removal

Many of us, women and men alike, suffer from too much hair in the wrong places. We have a number of effective treatments in the control of unwanted hair – they include medical-grade IPL and also cream treatments slowing down unwanted hair growth.
Medical grade IPL controls larger areas of unwanted hair and works best on dark pigmented hair. Fine blond hair will not respond to laser or IPL hair removal.

          All medical-grade IPL and laser hair removal machines work similarly – light energy causes selective damage to the hair follicle with the aim of making the follicle disappear or at least making it smaller. Laser and IPL machines, provided they are powerful and medical-grade will achieve similar results. IPL tends to be faster and more comfortable.

IPL (like laser) hair removal is most effective for darker hairs on pale/fair skin. The hair reducing effects are likely to be permanent and should only be used if permanent hair removal is desired. It is important to understand that at any one time, in any one body region, some of the hair follicles are actively growing hairs, but up to half of the follicles are ‘resting’ and not growing hairs at all. ‘Resting’ hair follicles tend to re-activate after 2 – 4 months. IPL hair removal only treats actively growing hair follicles. It is because of this, that to get good control over unwanted hair, at least three but sometimes more treatments are necessary. Slowly over time, hair follicles previously successfully treated, can become active again. Retreatment at such time may then be necessary.

For blond and very fine hair other treatment options are avilable. Please make an appointment with one of our cosmetic assitants.

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