These are a new class of treatment molecules designed to specifically block only a very small part of the immune system. Results are amazing. Usually, patients having suffered severe psoriasis most of their life have close to clear skin when they have regular biologic therapy.

This fascinating new group of drugs for the treatment of psoriasis are often referred to as the “biologics”. These are highly specialised, immune system medications, which selectively target special parts of the immune system such as TNF-α (tumour necrosis factor), IL-12, 23, 17A (interleukins) and PD-4 (phosphodiesterase) which play important roles in psoriasis.

These special medications are generally administered by needle with several new drugs currently under development. They are proving much safer than the systemic treatments traditionally used for treating psoriasis, however, very strict criteria are set by Medicare to determine which patients are eligible to receive these costly new drugs. Your dermatologist at Central Dermatology Clinic can determine whether these specialised medications are suitable and available to you under the current PBS medication subsidy scheme.

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